Frequently Asked Questions #

1. Can I put CCM on my resume?

Yes. You can also cite the Editorial Director as a reference (please give advance notice). If you feel a different staff member would be a more relevant reference, please ask that staff member directly.

2. Do I have to attend synchronous voice call meetings?

No. For accessibility’s sake, there will always be a text-based alternative. However, if you are able to attend synchronous meetings, please do! We find it is helpful for keeping everyone on the same page, building a sense of community with your staff, and making your voice heard during active discussions.

We also ask that you make your meeting preferences clear–we want to avoid a situation where we are unsure if you’re coming or not.

3. Something came up! I can’t come to tonight’s meeting. Who should I talk to?

Note your anticipated absence in the appropriate channel. An Editorial Board Member should contact you after the meeting with meeting minutes.

4. Where is [insert document]?

Check the Shared Drive in addition to the normal Drive. Use the search functions. If you still can’t locate it, please contact the appropriate staff member on Discord for assistance.