Meetings #

Staff meetings have evolved a lot over CCM’s history and likely will continue to evolve. We currently hold them on Discord.

Meeting Formats #

It is ultimately up to the staff member holding the meeting to determine what style would be best suited to them. A few meeting formats we use are:

  • Synchronous chat-based meetings. Ex: Everyone has to log on for a real-time chat conversation.
  • Asynchronous chat-based tasks. Ex: People are required to vote in the #polls channel on Discord or co-create a slideshow.
  • Synchronous voice/video calls. Ex: Call in the #staff-meetings channel to discuss staff applications.

Regardless of how the meeting is structured, keep in mind that most meetings should include:

  1. Status updates on incomplete tasks.
  2. Check-ins for relevant staff members to report on their progress.
  3. Clear direction/to-do lists for upcoming tasks.

Rules & Requirements #

A few guidelines to keep meetings running smoothly.

  1. It is mandatory for staff to attend weekly meetings. If they cannot come, they must tell the EIC immediately so they can prepare alternate (usually asynchronous) meeting materials for them.
  2. If any staff member discovers they cannot attend a meeting, they must notify the meeting organizer at least half an hour prior to the meeting.
  3. Synchronous voice call meetings tend to last 1-2 hours max. If they run long, staff may leave.
  4. Please practice basic call courtesy. Be mindful of your mic. Mute yourself if there’s a lot of background noise that competes with the speaker.
  5. If a meeting is asynchronous/text-based, please acknowledge reception of the message by “reacting” to the post or replying in the post’s thread.