Workshops #

Workshops are a newer implementation, and so these guidelines are still more of a loose starting point. They are intended to be versatile enough to describe multiple types of workshops.

  1. Workshops are generally run by Managing Editors, but if any staff member is qualified and interested, they may also host a workshop.
  2. Workshops are not a recurrent, scheduled event (yet). Instead, when a staff member has bandwidth, they announce and plan a workshop a few weeks (or months) in advance.
    • The Communications Director should help this staff member market the workshop. This is something that could be pitched during Creation Week.
    • The Managing Editors may include news of this workshop in the newsletter as well.
    • The Creative Directors would also assist in creating graphics to let people know about workshop.
  3. The procedure is relatively similar to Review.
    • A staff member creates an “Event” on Discord for people to RSVP to.
    • Submissions are opened for workshop. Anyone who submits is agreeing to attend workshop.
    • The workshop leader sends a packet of these submissions out to all submitters with instructions on how to workshop.
    • The staff member runs review in a designated channel’s voice call and conducts review. Workshop is intended to be 2 hours or less, so the workshop leader may have to cap submissions, split sessions, etc.