Newsletter & Blog

Newsletter & Blog [WIP - NEEDS UPDATING] #

The newsletter is meant to be published once a month and is a collaborative effort between the Creative Directors, Managing Editors, and Creative Team Members.

Signups #

Early in the month, the Managing Editors will seek signups for newsletter content.

  • In the #newsletter channel, the Managing Editors will send a post announcing:
    • The month’s theme.
    • The estimated date of release.
  • The Managing Editor will create a thread from the post prompting CTM & EB to sign up. The Managing Editors will oversee staff based on the following general schedule:
    • Week 1: Announce theme, get signups.
    • Week 2: Check in with staff members who have committed to making content.
    • Week 3: Review/edit rough drafts and receive final drafts.
    • Week 4: Publish newsletter.

Content #

  • Examples of content that staff can suggest and/or sign up to create:
    1. Blog posts written by staff members. CTM are especially encouraged to contribute to the blog. Blog posts can be anything from doodles to essays to songs to graphics.
    2. Crossposting content made for social media/creation week: such as the collaborative Spotify playlist.
    3. Interactive elements like polls and surveys.
  • Each newsletter should have 3-4 pieces of content.
  • A Managing Editor (or other staff member) writes copy for the newsletter body.
  • Creative Directors are recruited to make illustrations to accompany the blog posts. The newsletter may also reuse graphics the Creative Directors have created for social media.

Blog #

Our blog is a collection of writing and art our staff has created for the newsletter. It also contains important organizational updates. A few notes:

  • Blog posts are ultimately uploaded in Markdown. They can be submitted to Managing Editors either via Google Docs, a text document, or a Markdown file.
    • Please refer to this section of the docs for instructions on making a blog post public.
  • Managing Editors will oversee the timeline to ensure blog posts are uploaded at least one day before the newsletter is released.

A photo of a board with three broad categories stating What We Do, How We Do It, and Why We Do It. Messy notes line the margins. The title is CICADA - Brand foundation Brain Spread.

Creation Week #

Early each month, the Communications Director should make a post in the #creation-week channel on Discord planning out the social media calendar (and possibly soliciting social media post suggestions.) Ideally, we will have ~2 pieces of social media engagement per week. This is meant to work synergistically with the newsletter/blog.

Examples of content that may be suggested:

  • Social media campaigns
    • “This-or-that” polls
    • Instagram takeover
  • Highlights
    • Previously published pieces
    • Specific blog posts
  • Announcements
    • Staff vacancies
    • Submissions/workshops opening
  • Marketing
    • Posts about the server
    • Merch/physical copies
    • Newsletter posts

If the Communications Director struggles to generate all 7-8 social media pieces for the month, they may solicit suggestions from other staff members.